About Us

Who we are and what we aim to do?

HK United Against Illicit Trade is an advocacy organization with the sole purpose of tackling the serious problems arising from the illicit trade in Hong Kong. It represents a cross-section of society, including community organizations, small businesses, trade associations and individuals who are affected by illicit trade.

  • We want to bring together groups that share the common aim of ridding Hong Kong from the scourge of illicit trade.
  • We want to educate the public and urge the government to make tackling the problems of illicit trade a governing priority.
  • We want to get across the message that illicit trade benefits no one except the criminals who deal in it.

It is our stated mission to make sure society recognises that illicit trade presents major challenges to Hong Kong.  These challenges include:

  • Funding organized crime
  • Hurting small businesses and workers
  • Threatening community safety
  • Supporting cross-border parallel traders
  • Damaging Hong Kong’s reputation as the trading port for legitimate trade
  • Affecting government revenue and its ability to deliver public services
  • Fueling youth smoking

Supporting organizations of the Hong Kong United Against Illicit Trade

Jeff Herbert P.M.S.M

Jeff Herbert is an Advisor to the Hong Kong United Against Illicit Trade. He enjoyed a successful 30-year career with the Hong Kong Police Force, with nearly two thirds of his career spent in Criminal Intelligence, Criminal Investigation and Internal Investigations. He served as Senior Superintendent of Police and was Deputy to the Head of Criminal Intelligence Bureau commanding some 300 police operatives and a number of civilian agents and informers. He successfully headed a number of Intelligence based operations in serious crimes and has a Commissioners’ Commendation for his work in this area.

Patrick Wong Chun-chin, Executive Director, HKUAIT

Patrick worked with the Hong Kong Police Force for 37 years and retired as Senior Superintendent. He had extensive experience in criminal investigation and intelligence, with specialty in intelligence operation; illegal immigration and sea smuggling. He also commanded the Marine Regional Crime Units (2005-2008) when he neutralized a number of major smuggling syndicates in conjunction with Customs and Excise Departments in the Pearl Delta Region.